Melkhior’s Mansion – Project Update #13

Welcome to project update #13 for the conversion of Melkhior’s Mansion Spectrum Next!

I’ve extended my break from Melkhior’s until the later half of June 2019 where I will continue work on the Next version.

Other commitments have caused me to alter my schedule. The conversion is in good shape and I’m confident I can pick up where I left off from the demo shown at PLAY Manchester.

I started the conversion early to allow for delays and other issues that may slow development so I still have plenty of time for a winter 2019 release window pending completion of the original version.

The PC version is moving forward nicely. I will be communicating with the developers during my break to keep up to date with their progress. I am especially looking forward to the completed Caverns rooms.

See you all in June!

KevB aka 9bitcolor.

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