Z80N Instruction Set Quick Reference Table

Thanks to the hard work of Peter ‘Ped’ Helcmanovsky, who did all the heavy lifting for this one, but we now have a lovely Z80N specific copy of the super-useful ClrHome Instruction Set Table right here.

Ped took the time, a very long time ago, to make this and host it on his site – but recently has been overtaken by the responsibility of becoming a father  (Congratulations Ped!) and therefore personal server maintainance takes a justifiable back seat.

That said, until his server is back on its feet we’re duplicating it here – on an easy to remember name ‘table.specnext.dev’, for your edification and delight.

Once again, a supreme thanks to Ped for his work – and we hope his server is feeling better soon!

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  • Matt Davies says:

    The link in the post does not work. However “table.specnext.dev” does.

    Thank you very much for making this available on the site. And thanks, and congrats, Ped!

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