Layer 2 RAM Page Register

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Number $12
Readable Yes
Writable Yes
Short Description Sets the bank number where Layer 2 video memory begins.

Bits 5-0 store the number of the "SRAM page" (ie, bank) used for the standard Layer 2 screen. The default is 8. Because the layer 2 screen is 48k, it actually occupies 3 banks, and the number set here is the first; so by default, it occupies banks 8-10. Then later NextZXOS does reconfigure both this and shadow bank to 9 (banks 9-11).

For shadow bank paging see Layer_2 and Layer 2 RAM Shadow Page Register ($13).

Note that this register uses the 16kb bank method, so if you set Nextreg $12,$C if you need to read the contents via 8kb banks you would need to multiply x 2 (16k bank $0C is identical to 8k pages $18 and $19).