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esxDos is one of the operating systems that can be run on the Next. It provides a posix-like api to access the sd card as disk and it provides a familiar basic interface to the disk from BASIC. The current version of ESXDOS is 0.8.6 - which supports the Real Time Clock of the Next; a new version 0.9.x is being written with features like Long File Name (LFN) support. esxDos currently only supports the so-called USR0 mode in BASIC (single keyword/48K Basic) - there is an experimental .128 command to allow the editor to be started.

You do not need to install esxDos if you just want to run software designed for it as NextZXOS implements the esxDos Application Programming Interface (API) so programs will work anyway...

If you want to use its other features like BetaDisk support or just want to see what it is like you will need to follow the instructions to install it as another identity on the Next.

Instructions to Install esxDos on the Next... [TODO]